Corporate wellness initiatives & workshops

There is no denying that a healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone to happiness and productivity in the workplace. Quite simply, when we feel better, we do better! But, let’s be honest—this is easier said than done.

Through my corporate wellness initiatives and workshops, I tailor my approach for the specific demographic, and apply all information for the culture of your company and employees. I offer a variety of workshops and lecture series which promote optimal health through a series of mind body techniques.

I work to improve the happiness, productivity and overall health of your employees by providing the tools to create permanent lifestyle changes through the mind-body connection. In my professional experience, the happiest and healthiest employees are more productive. In turn, your company becomes more efficient and competitive. My passion lies in empowering the individuals in your organization to take care of their bodies, feel energized, become top performers, and love where they work.


Topics, workshops, and services offered:

meditations & stress reduction

intuitive weight loss & whole foods

creating balance & nailing it!

onsite yoga & fitness classes

also Available: The Full Day Experience (includes morning meditation, lunchtime intuitive wellness workshop, late afternoon breathing & stretching, one-on-one mini consultations, Q & A)


Have you wished you had a little angel on your shoulder that would help you make healthy choices every day? Do you ever wake up and feel like avoiding the gym? Or, when you get to the gym, do you ever have no idea what to do? Maybe you are just having a tough week, and you are in need of some support and inspiration. Maybe you really want a nutritionist or a personal trainer, but don’t feel as though it’s in your budget.

I deeply believe that everyone deserves to have access to the knowledge of professionals. Anyone can Google the latest diet trend, or Youtube a killer workout… but doing so can be like taking medicine for an illness you don’t even have.

That’s because how you choose to move and nourish your body is a HIGHLY personal process. Finding this personal component is what separates people who receive LIFELONG results and those who suffer the weight loss and gain cycle. I created this monthly wellness membership because you deserve to obtain support and tools to love your own body and to live your healthiest life. It is a custom support plan where you can tap into me to adjust, shift, and ask questions. The outcome will leave you feeling amazing and in control, and functioning optimally while enjoying life and kicking ass!


Your monthly membership includes:

Initial 45 minute consultation

a 4 week workout program 

a guided nutrition plan, customized for you!

24 hour email + text support

optional weekly check in calls & adjustments

emails loaded with tips + inspiration

One-on-one coaching programs

What if I told you it’s completely within your grasp to have
the body of your dreams while living a life of joy and self-love?

The truth is simple: there is no magic trick, diet, program, nutritionist, therapist,  or personal trainer out there that can tell you what you and your body already know. YOU are the key to your own happiness! Through our work together, I will help you befriend your body, and I will teach you how to access your own power. I will provide you with the tools to tune into your body’s needs. We will work on overcoming all the negative thoughts you hold within your conscience and your subconscious. By letting go of this negativity, you will no longer feel lost within your body and within yourself.

Imagine never having to count a single calorie, or having to binge again, and feeling completely in control. In your mind, picture never having to wrestle with the act of looking into a mirror and knowing you won’t love the person looking back at you. The journey we will embark on will be one that will not only transform the relationship you have with your body, but will seep into every other aspect of your life as well. Once you shift your mindset around your body while nourishing your heart, you will eventually come to live at your optimal weight while attracting positive individuals and experiences.

Your one-on-one coaching package includes:

initial 45 minute consultation + survey

tips, tools & resources to begin your journey

6, 1 hour long sessions, in person or via skype

exercises to encourage positive change

unlimited email + text support

loving encouragement & my commitment to you!

Private YogA Sessions 

Together we will create a Yoga practice that is sacred and personalized for your mind and body. 


Yoga is the connection to the deeper self. Through breath and movement we will design an at home practice that will create strength in your body, peace in your mind, and light in your heart. These one on one sessions are geared for your specific needs, fitness level, and goals. Through this practice you will learn the true capabilities of your body by leaning in and committing to the loving self-care ritual of Yoga. You will sweat. You will breathe. You will become Stronger. And Softer. Get ready to crack open the channel to your intuition that you have been yearning to access. Using essential oils, sacred sounds, and candles, we will create a safe space where you can move and practice with brilliance! 


interested in working together? contact me here, & we'll get started!