As a little girl, I always believed in magic… 

But I never truly experienced it until I became an adult. I always had a strong intuition and voice that rumbled from deep within my belly. However, over the years, my attention to it waxed and waned. Fear, ego, and a subconscious need to stay entirely practical and responsible prevented me from really listening to my inner voice. So, like many do, I suffered. 

And even though I swallowed the voice as it rose from within me, the universe was determined to teach me the same lesson it had been whispering throughout my entire life. It revealed itself everywhere, over and over again like a tornado tearing apart a small rural town. First in my relationships, and my career, and then finally, in my body. 

What was the Lesson? The voice inside of myself, alongside my emotional reactions in stillness are my direct line to a greater power. All answers lie here, within. Trust this. 

Ultimately, it was during the thick of my struggle with an eating disorder that I finally fell to my knees and said, “I get it. Now I see.”

I began studying the great masters, deeply diving into the true definition of health and wellness. I began to allow intuitive eating and bio-individuality to influence my work. Not only for me, but for my clients as well. Eating intuitively transformed not only my physical body, but my relationship with Her. I instinctually started to feel a deep love and appreciation for the skin that held me. I started to exercise intuitively as well, only moving with joy, with care, with attention. I never felt happier and healthier in my entire life.

Ah… this is what healthy looks and feels like!

And so, I began to take these practices a step further with my clients and in my own life as well.

I started to apply the formula of moving & eating
intuitively to actually LIVING in (all aspects) this way. 

And that’s when the magic happened. That’s when the work I had been doing became automatic in my subconscious mind, thoughts and behaviors. A calm and ease was carrying me through, even through the toughest of situations. I was living intuitively. Applying the techniques that I had gathered and studied absolutely transformed my professional practice. The shifts my clients were experiencing were miraculous. By working internally first, self-care practices, healthy weight loss, and true happiness were being reflected outward.

It is from this place of true understanding and my passion to serve that I have developed a practice of intuitive wellness.

Now, I invite you to be brave. To take a chance, do the work, and ignite your spirit on the other side. I promise that you'll emerge changed entirely, loving who you are, what you look like, and truly knowing yourself for the first time. 


Fun Facts:

I am an Italian/Irish girl who came from four generations of strong women born and raised in Brooklyn. My favorite color is green because it’s the color of both mine & my sister's eyes (which is the most precious gift our father left us). Laughing is my favorite past time, along with eating my mom’s eggplant parmesan, sipping tea in London pubs, practicing yoga on rainy days, and having dance parties with my 3 year old neice.  I believe deeply that love is always the answer and that a hug from your best friend is a precious gift from the universe. Dances with Wolves and Little Women are my favorite movies. I think that watching the ocean waves crash upon the surf can be a spiritual experience and that we can all truly live a life beyond our wildest dreams, if we simply make the decision to do so. In a past life I believe myself to have been a Russian Ballerina, who is actually 5’8’’ and a natural blond. Lastly, the way to my heart is through, sweet red wine, rich-dark chocolate, and of course, strong caffeinated beverages.


It is my mission to both inspire you with my personal story
& give you the same tools I used to break free.

I would love for you to tell me your story and join me in mine.

Love and light,


professional bio

Holly Goodwin is equal parts spitfire and sage, imbuing her clients with fierce motivation as well as a sense of calm when they need it the most. Through her boutique wellness company, Holly helps her clients to transform their bodies and their lifestyles through the practices of mindful eating, joyful movement, and a commitment to mental wellness. Holly is certified with the National Strength and Conditioning Association and is a Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor by the National Yoga Alliance. She specializes in intuitive eating and provides her clients with the tools to break negative, subconscious patterning and unhealthy behaviors around food. She believes that the small, subtle shifts over time can have a huge impact on daily life. Holly’s goal is always to aim for results that improve her clients’ mindsets and bodies, as well as enhancing the quality of their lives.