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My name is Holly. I've been in the wellness industry for almost a decade, working as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and a life coach. And as time sweetly passes, I believe more strongly, more surely, that this is what I was destined to do. To gently hold your hand. To help you to heal, to grow, to fall back in love with yourself. It's more than physical - more than food, and nutrition, and exercise. Together, we will redefine what it means to be cared for. Mind, body, and spirit alike.

Through my own journey and years of working with clients, I have discovered one single truth: achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle is a very personal and intuitive path. 

It's time to look inward, and discover the deep knowing that is unique to you and your body. Our work together will take you on a journey of well-being that is rooted in joy, small subtle shifts, and consistent life long behaviors – leaving you with a glimmering awareness of self-love that wasn’t there before. Helping guide others to develop a practice of self care, true body acceptance & freedom is one of my life’s greatest callings. It's a privilege to share with you my own experiences and inspiration, and to guide you on an inward journey to true health and wellness.

My Mission?

Simple. My mission is to empower you. To teach you how to take your health carefully, gently, into your own hands without fear, and to guide you to trust yourself. During our work together, you will gain a deep understanding of how to discover & listen to the things that truly bring you joy. And in the end, this will slowly ease down the boundaries that are preventing you from loving your body and achieving the life you want. The tools I offer will be yours to pocket & keep forever. The confidence that swells within your belly will be yours, too. It's always been yours. I only hope to remind you that it's there.


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From Personal Training, to Corporate Wellness, you & I can unfold a
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“Holly is an amazing trainer, and an even better person. One of a kind..."
Patricia F.

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